Thursday, March 10, 2011

wonderful boy adored

by peter greene

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

wonderful boy adored

The news didn't pay very much attention
to Batman lately - that was OK.
He still drove his silver car

beyond the lake
in mission after mission
once,after midnight, he dropped

by his aunt Rhoda's (
with the tea packets she... so much liked
from the shop in the city - she gave him

a currant scone. It was wonderful, to
eat a big, buttered scone with the
dark reflecting off the windows

in the big yellow wooden kitchen,
late at night, like a kid

at a big table with a big cup
of hot milky tea ; wonderful , and

to stamp out crime.

2010 Peter Greene.


Old 333 said...

Yay! thanks, rhoda! Trés adoreé. You even put in pink lines.

Dan Leo said...

I never knew rhoda was related to Batman!

human being said...

such a beautiful story! very beautiful! and the images too...
it changed my mood in a way i can't express!