Wednesday, February 25, 2015

three (poems to be read upside down to each other

three (poems to be read upside down to each other:
shit company media forum driving leading conversation

                             (hoarder )

        every body
        at the party
        was stealing
           my ideas
         there were some famous
        artists there , i had to put a
        sign up saying
          join my clique this
        was before the tele phony
        net now
        it's all flickering screens, pic
        tures of lunches  i will never
       eat; all my true images
       are hidden in shame now, in
       a pile of 
       empties , away from pry ing
       eyes and thieving fingers full of pens and brushes.

       some people think it's sick
   not wanting to share a glass is
   not a disorder ,i don't want
   whatever your oral is in mine,
   any time
   you can kiss the mirror
   i'm content to go thirsty

why don't we hunt with
          darts?when the
alien over lords
         consume  my flesh , i'd
sure like to be

                        what you thought then 
          the fire spread through the seedlings
          it reached their hearts, they cried
          we shall never stand as forest
          trees, let us remain forever
          green and yielding , better
          a barren plain then
          loss of freedom

©Peter A. Greene 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

termite crematorium (for the firewood man)

termite crematorium (for the firewood man)

every night
i put the log in
they burrow deeper, and the fire finds them, and they die.
I sweep their dust up every morning,
with my bare hands,
as befitting.

©Peter A. Greene 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

prophets and phylacteries

the anti - saint pill
sir there is a danger of your
to everything , we must
intervene  before your values
change : not remaining in
constant fear of your
personal life (death is a (great
for someone, somewhere
 take these ancient  salts of sodium (vintage 1947)
and descend , three times a
day ( or  more, prophy
lactically) into this
hell  of  matter

©Peter A. Greene 2015

my poetry always goes a bit mystical when i miss a pill

           3,2,1, no dimension
time, i think
in the final analysis is
like a stained glass window
both inside and outside a church
upon which
can be seen every deed ever 
done  and then some :after
a long while admiring,
and touching up our
little  portion,  we
get back inside and
ride the light

©Peter A. Greene 2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

a shaman thing

       a shaman thing
i want to rename
my savings
account: i was thinking
holdings' or 'transitory' or
perhaps just
ephemeral  it's
funny how debit sounds bad and
sounds good , well
credit sounds good right now the
dog needs bones and
i  must smoke ; it's a

©Peter A. Greene 2015



if you hire a burglar to build your house
don't be surprised when a few items go missing

©Peter A. Greene 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015

up there

                                         up there

mohammed pajamas
met jesus bathrobe
they were
chillin over a miniature replica
of the Temple
Mount, drawn straight from
history  it was
adorned with tiny figures
mobile, worshipping
they waited for the other guy but
he never showed

©Peter A. Greene 2015

destroying an earworm


red eyes at night,
delight red eyes
in the morning
owls take warning

©Peter A. Greene 2015

slow toll

          slow toll -

 a bell, a feather
 and forever

©Peter A. Greene 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

the moon robotess

the moon robotess sits
in lairs and caves
awaiting prayers
she cannot hear:
there is no air there

©Peter A. Greene 2015