Tuesday, April 30, 2019

a puppy waits for you at the back door of heaven

by rhoda penmarq

but they are getting away with it
that doesn’t mean i have to like it
especially - especially when

i couldn’t walk down a street anywhere in the world
and know they were laughing
laughing for to beat the band

it is time to take a stand
the last stand
with a dozen red roses nailed to the wall

and a million years of flowing tears
and a million dead butterflies
all because of scum like them

think of us, billy!
i wish i could
but it’s been going on too long

and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger
and they just keep drinking martinis and laughing
don’t forget, she was my girl

i can’t stop thinking about it
a part of me wishes i could
and joey - poor fucked up joey

the roses float away in the fog
in the wind and the rain and the fog
the fog outside the penthouse window

muffling the sound of their laughter
the laughter of the lowest scum
that’s what i want to know

Monday, April 29, 2019

revenge falls from the sky like a million roses

by rhoda penmarq

what kind of scum did this?
joey was my friend
ricki was my girl

it is time to take a stand
but what about us, billy?
we still have to live

joey was the greatest friend a guy ever had
for a million years
he took her away from me

that’’s why i have to know
we can’t let then get away with it
because they think they rule the world

i bought her a dozen red roses
because i couldn’t live with myself
but that’s the kind of scum they are

and have been for a million years
i have to do this
he was my friend

how long has this been going on?
do you think roses fall from the sky?

“i’ll tell you what falls from the sky”

no, billy, no!
even though she did me wrong
i couldn’t hate her forever

“the clock is ticking out on the highway”

because they know we are in here
and they are laughing at us

Sunday, April 28, 2019

the old house

by timothy t jones

back in the day
every town had a road

and the road ran through the town
and on to the next town

in the town
there was always another road

that ran up the hill
and on the hill was a house

an old house
where nobody lived

and nobody lived
since anybody could remember

sometimes the old house had a name
like “the old johnson place”

and sometimes it did not
the windows were always broken

and cats crawled around the front yard
and looked at the broken windows

birds flew around the windows
and sometimes bats, at dusk

every town had a sheriff
and the sheriff would drive up the hill

and look at the old house
and drive back down the hill again

every sheriff had a friend named mike
and mike would ask the sheriff

anything going on up at the old house?
and the sheriff would say, nothing much

and mike would say,
no kids hanging out, getting into mischief?

and the sheriff would say
no, not any more

they don’t get into mischief now
they just sit home and watch tv

and mike would say, that’s too bad
and the sheriff would nod

and they would look up at the sky
the darkening sky

at the clouds
and the old house

and the birds
and the bats

and the moon and the trees
back in the day

Sunday, April 21, 2019

So now

So now I'm like the crow.
So now i'm like timmy
timmy and the slurkett
timmy and the revenge

of rhoda's revenge.
So now I'm like Harlequin
and Jimmy Bastard
and Fern.

And now I miss them so.
So now I write another line
and wish beyond wishing
you would craft this, flashing by.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

all together now

all together now

walking with a dog you are
never alone
and your eyes are always down
ticks, turds, and dangerous bones
you watch the neck and the ground
between the small stones
moves an ant, and
i adjust 40 pounds of
huge, damaged leg
to avoid
who commits more horse power?
an ant's (entire) life
or a big animal's
avoid maneuver ;
either way
he is more efficient
am more accurate
we both live