Sunday, January 19, 2020

the little star

by wiggly jones "the little hippie boy"

a little star was wandering through a universe.

it came upon a big planet.

i wonder if that fellow is friendly, the little star wondered. i will shine my light on it.

but the big planet did not appreciate the little star’s light.

what do you think you are doing, punk? it growled. get lost

the little star went on its way, leaving the big planet in darkness.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

the road

by nick nelson

cecily woke up.

richard was standing at the window, looking out at the night.

what are you doing, richard? cecily asked.


about anything in particular? go back to bed. you have a big day tomorrow, remember?

i remember only too well. that is why i have made up my mind.

oh? cecily rubbed her eyes. made up your mind to do what?

to leave all this behind.

what? you mean you are going to kill yourself? go back to bed.

no, i mean it. i am going to take to the road, leave all this behind.

oh for god’s sake, have you been having those dreams again? did you take your pills?

there is something i have to tell you.

you forgot to take your pills.

there is a woman - her name is yolanda. a real woman.with fire and ice in her veins and she was born for love. she has never been to a parent teacher meeting. she has never played golf or saved the earth. i am going to her.

if you took your pills you wouldn’t have these fantasies.

i am leaving. i will take the car, and the gas in it, and one suitcase, and one credit card. you can have everything else.

including the bills.

i guess. you ‘ll manage.

the bills for jonathon and ella’s college training.

i’ll try to send you something if i can. i will write a note to jeff parkman.

go back to bed, richard. if you don’t want to take your pill now, make sure you take one tomorrow.

cecily rolled over and put her face in her pillow.

richard left the room and went downstairs without turning any lights on.

there was a small suitcase in the back of the hall closet and he collected it and a coat and went outside and got in his car and started it.

of course there was no yolanda, but everything else he had told cecily was true.

he was leaving with just the suitcase and one almost maxed out credit card.

and no pills.

into the night. into the unknown.

wherever fate and the road would take him.

it was the year 2020.

how far will he get?

Friday, January 10, 2020

the jolly bandits

by anonymous

there were four jolly bandits
and they rode the desert wastes
and they robbed the rich of everything
from diamonds to good taste

their names were pancho
pablo, pedro ,and pete
they were four hombres
you wouldn't want to meet

unless that is
you were the salt of the earth
and heavens eye
had witnessed your birth

in the red heavens
of long ago
when the sky was sand
and green winds did blow

and peace caressed the land
in a violet mist
all before the coming
of the capitalists

who built their castle
against the new white sky
and the people awoke
to build pyramids - and die

the whip came down
and mush bowls were distributed
a fund for orphans was established
to which the bankers laughingly contributed

quigley, quorumbo, quizzer and quick
four villains who made the system tick
sip their espresso and smoke their cigars
snap their fingers and gaze at the stars

o when will the bandits come again
to undo humankind’s original sin
pancho, pedro, pablo, and pete
riding together down the dusty street