Tuesday, October 25, 2022


by wiggly jones "the little hippie boy"

if i were a rabbit i would spend my days
absorbing the sun’s beneficent rays
if i were a tiger i would sit in a tree
wondering why i was meant to be

if i were a cockroach i would not care
as long as i was getting my share
if i were a cat i would find a cozy spot
watch the world go by and think my thoughts

if i were a monkey i would throw a stone
so i would not feel so all alone
if i were a beetle i would sit in the grass
because i would know all things must pass

if i were a river i would flow to the sea
if i were you i would not be me
if i were a dog i would chase a ball
if i were a bird i would fly over you all

Monday, October 24, 2022

lions bloom in the spring

by bofa xesjum

lions bloom in the spring
mice make plans in the arctic
nightingales sing in the county fair
ottomans demand free parking

parrots are not always nice
but quietly burrow from within
rhubarb patches go wild
if the slobs are not careful

it is always time for a sandwich
unless there is vital news from the east
it is hard to find new watchmen
when the old ones await so extemporaneously

has no one told you yet
that the asteroids have organized
and plan a comprehensive bonanza
with the dogs, in the distant flowerbeds?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

the wind and the desert

by genghis gilgamesh

albert was an einstein
billy was a kid
columbus was a sailor
they all knew what danny did

the emperor commanded
the fellaheen to leave their land
he built a city in the desert
fellows, it was grand

the streets were paved with silver
the jails were built of gold
the castle split the sky in two
where the world was bought and sold

a traveler approached the gate
with a tiger at his side
a mighty trumpet sounded
and the gate was opened wide

another traveler followed
carrying a book
the trumpet did not sound for him
but the earth shook

written in the traveler’s book
was the true name of the king
a raindrop fell upon the sand
and a bird began to sing

goliath was a giant
harry was a horse
sinbad was a sailor
the wind blew him off course

Saturday, October 8, 2022

white clouds

by genghis gilgamesh

albert was an animal
billy was a bug
david was a diplomat
who gave the world a hug

earl was an ectoplasm
swimming in the sea
fred was a fine fellow
with a teacup on his knee

gus had a pocket full of gumdrops
that he fed to the birds
herbert had a hundred horses
but only two or three words

i remember jonah the whaler
he hung out down at the docks
with bertrand russell and the wandering jew
and they had long serious talks

jack slade was an outlaw
and so was jesse james
they were in alcataz together
but forgot each other’s names

king richard wore a crown of gold
and went on the crusades
little john and robin hood
slept in the shade

machiavelli wrote a book
that the pope threw in the trash
nostradamus wrote another
and saw all history in a flash

columbus sailed the ocean blue
and found a world that he called new
birds flew above and paid no heed
to the proclamation he did read

sir walter raleigh lay on the beach
and watched white clouds sail out of reach
and wished he could lie there all day
but that is not nature’s’s way

Friday, October 7, 2022


by dog e relaford

alexander was not so great
billy the kid deserved a better fate
confucius said a few things
because who knows what tomorrow brings

danny deever was hanged at dawn
for not keeping off the lawn
eratosthenes had a long name
because he knew how to play the game

frank james was the brains of the gang
genghis khan deserved to hang
for what he did to hank the hat
i knew you would see it like that

ike the icicle got a bad rap
jerry the jumper tipped his cap
to that nefarious rascal, old king kole
when larry the lender was on a roll

at midnight all the monks come out
and the new recruits give a mighty shout
omar the tentmaker buys a round
and the drums in the distance start to pound

at this point the policeman gets queasy
robin hood tells him to take it easy
st swithin will come back on time
to put an end to this foolish rhyme

under a black and whispering sky
the raindrops all come home to die
another version of this tale
is available through the mail

wait for it if you please
expect a flash of lightning through the trees
you might be surprised
at what befalls your empty eyes

Monday, October 3, 2022


by dog e relaford

the day is cool
except when it is hot
people are friendly
except when they are not

the truth is true
except when it is wrong
i walk down the road
singing my little song

nobody listens
or joins in my tune
the sun is setting
it will all be over soon

i had an old dog
his name was blue
he has been gone a long time
but his heart was true

i loved a girl named nancy
her smile was oh so bright
she never knew i existed
but that was all right

i joined the communist party
in 1933
that is a secret
between you and me

i formed a secret brotherhood
in 1946
i only told three people
but did not teach them my tricks

i thought that i would rule the world
by 1962
i had a wonderful speech prepared
but my plans all fell through

i got on a greyhound bus
and went back to my little town
but nancy had five children
with the mayor, solomon brown

dreams can sometimes not come true
take if from one who knows
but the sun comes up in the morning
and the peaceful river flows

if i could go back and change the world
what would i change it to?
i would leave the night to be black
and the day to be blue