Sunday, February 27, 2022


by bofa xesjum

it’s over.

i guess.

i don’t believe it. after all these years, it’s over.

yes, so it seems.

what do we do now? i just can’t believe it.

get up tomorrow and go to work. what else are we going to do.

you’re right. we can’t tell anybody else about it.


we should have some kind of little celebration. just me and you.

maybe. how about friday, after work.

that sounds good. friday it is.

nothing too spectacular.


all right, then. i will see you tomorrow.


see you.

take care.

Friday, February 25, 2022

circus in the fog

by genghis gilgamesh

bill gates had a whistle
jeff bezos had a dog
they went down to the river
and got lost in the fog

the whistle’s name was willie
the dog’s name was joe
they joined the foreign legion
a long time ago

the foreign legion lost the war
and the circus came to town
joe and willie signed a contract
with a fellow named hash brown

the circus passed through paris
on to harrisburg pennsylvania
hash got tired of making money
and developed a new mania

hash brown had a master plan
to educate the masses
he wore a red and white bow tie
and blue aviator glasses

joe was told to grow a beard
and wear a shirt of white
willie wrote a sacred book
it took him a whole night

the gypsy and the elephant
the strong man and the clown
the lion and his trainer
were all left at the next town

hash and joe and willie
continued on their way
but if and how they saved the world
it would be difficult to say

a ventriloquist named velma jones
who worked with a wild turkey
last saw them on the highway
between tulsa and albuquerque

bill gates had a baseball
jeff bezos had a bat
they started for the playground
but jeff forgot his hat

when jeff went back to get it
he found a messenger at his door
the messenger whispered in his ear
that is what messengers are for

o ye who fame and fortune seek
and unexampled wealth
do not go out in rain and fog
lest they undermine your health


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

poem - 2 - 22 - 22

by anonymous

a dog sat on the sidewalk
as humans passed it by
the creature looked so sad
it made me want to cry

i went home and fed my cat
who expressed no gratitude
i felt blue and lonesome
but it was just a passing mood

i went to bed at evening
and dreamt i was a child
the moon was white behind a tree
i was lost in the wild

then i had another dream
and was by a beast pursued
o how happily i woke
to my dark solitude

Monday, February 21, 2022

blue city

by genghis gilgamesh

i dreamed i was back in blue city
where the women wore high heels
the smiling people slept all day
and the sad ones ate happy meals

the mayor had a chair on the sidewalk
where she accepted all bribes
the chief of police locked himself in the jail
for crimes that could not be described

the schoolyard was deserted
because the children ran away
the teacher kept their pencils and notebooks
because they might return some day

the teacher's name was amanda
her friends called her the great
everybody thought well of her
but she worried about her weight

the mayor's name was cynthia
she was descended from a race of kings
sometimes the rain fell on her head
bur she didn't worry about such things

the naughtiest boy who ran away
was the mayor's seventh son
they called him el chozo
because he was the chosen one

the banker was bill brady
he had no home to call his own
he sat all day on a bench in the park
with a vanilla ice cream cone

the bank is closed for the summer
or maybe until the end of time
if you ask me for a nickel
i might find you a lousy time

a spaceship landed on the river bank
down by the old mill stream
they made it into a movie
because life is but a dream

mary jones and billy smith
were the cutest couple in town
mary hitched a ride to hollywood
billy fell in the river and drowned

someday the flowers will bloom again
and the town get back on its feet
so save the soybeans for uncle roy
because roy don’t eat no meat

i hope you are taking all this down
because there will be a test
grandpa is drunk in the graveyard
because grandma knows best

Saturday, February 19, 2022

a story with 250 words

by bofa xesjum

a man walked down the street.

he had a name, which he had no trouble remembering, though other people often mispronounced it.

it was dark.

he came to the house he lived in.

he went inside and turned on the light.

he went into the small kitchen and took a fried chicken tv dinner out of the refrigerator.

tv dinners had gone out of style but he still liked them.

he turned on the television.

he had formerly been a sports fan and watched football games and other sporting events on television but they caused his blood pressure to rise dangerously, and he had no interest in politics or the news, so now he watched a channel consisting of easy listening music with accompanying soothing videos of meadows and sunsets and waterfalls and beaches.

when he finished the tv dinner he washed the aluminum tray and put it in the recyclable trash and went to bed.

he had a dream in which he went on a date with a pretty blonde girl with straight white teeth wearing a white dress. he talked to the girl about himself and about his job as a sales representative but she did not show much interest, and he woke up.

he went back to sleep and woke up in the morning without remembering any other dreams he might have had.

his next day was much the same except that it rained, whereas the day before had been cloudless and bright.

he went outside again.

Thursday, February 17, 2022


by genghis gilgamesh

dolls are not sad when they are thrown away
they don’t like little girls anyway
now they can do what they do best
lie on the ground in eternal rest

thrown in the air and land on their heads
trapped in viselike arms in beds
having their eyes and hair pulled out
not allowed to complain or shout

it is not easy being a doll
at the little princess’s beck and call
the sun shines through the windows high
the governess gives you the evil eye

though you may not be flesh and bone
you would like to be left alone
trees have leaves and birds have wings
but you are only somebody’s thing

o blessed the day when you are tossed
and join the legion of the lost
in the back of a closet or high on a shelf
you can finally be yourself

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

quinley tucker

by nick nelson

quinley tucker was an ordinary person.

or so it seemed.

he had a job, which occupied his time five or six days a week, at various hours, on a staggered schedule.

sometimes at a desk in an office, more often visiting various places in the city, and sometimes even outside the city.

he kept careful track of the mileage of his company vehicle he traveled in, as the company was notoriously strict on this matter. he kept the vehicle in as close to perfect condition as he could, sometimes even spending a little of his own money on it, as the company was very suspicious of their employees scamming them in this regard.

he had a room in a downtown apartment complex with over 20,000 units.

he seemed like a perfectly normal person.

but what nobody knew was the contents of his dreams and fantasies.

he had the most terrible, violent, disgusting, unspeakable, loathsome, unforgivable fantasies of any human who ever lived.

the so-called worst humans who ever lived - caligula, nero, gilles de rais, henry viii, vlad the impaler, christopher columbus, the marquis de sade, hitler, donald trump, mitch mcconnell. would have turned from him in disgust if they could have seen the continuous movie running inside his head.

quinley never made any attempt to record his fantasies in any way, either on paper or digitally, or to confide them to a psychiatrist or priest or any other human.

the fantasies flooded his brain throughout the day, at his desk at the office, in the company vehicle, and during his polite and smiling interactions with the company’s customers and contractors, and they especially tortured him at night in his room, when he was alone and unobserved.

finally they overwhelmed him and his brain burst and he died.

after a couple of weeks, the company managed to contact a half sister who lived in kansas, whom quinley had never met, and she arranged to have his body cremated.

his dreams died with him.

who knows how many like him may walk the streets and drive the roads of the earth?

Saturday, February 12, 2022

albert quipp

by nick nelson

albert quipp was born in trenton new mexico.

he dd not think that was a cool place to be from so he always told people he was from rochester new york.

all went well until albert appeared on a small syndicated quiz show called “you know what?” snd won a few thousand dollars answering questions mostly about american college football, of which he was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable fan.

on the show he claimed he was from rochester new york, but a couple of people from his home town of trenton new mexico recognized him, and filed a suit against him for disrespecting trenton new mexico by being ashamed to admit he hailed from it.

the suit was eventually dismissed, but lawyers got all the money albert had made on the show, and a bit more.

albert never appeared in any shade of the public limelight again.

when he died many years later, in mansfield ohio, his brief obituary misspelled his name as albert quipley, and incorrectly listed his place of birth as parsippany new jersey.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022


by horace p sternwall

i had a friend named whitey and a friend named red
a friend named blackie and a friend named ted
we all lived inside our own heads
we were alive but will be dead

whitey worked in a liquor store
and had walked this way before
red was enamored of a girl named slim
but whitey was way ahead of him

blackie had no life of his own
and spent his time on the telephone
selling things that did not exist
his brain was covered in a gray mist

ted was a dreamer, like me
all we wanted was to be free
free to do what, we could hardy say
and so we drifted through the days

i woke up this morning overhung
and thought, i am no longer young
i should get up and make some coffee
but i did not take the blankets off me

i lay awake and tried to dream
of the days that once had been
and wished that things were still the same
but could not remember my own name

Monday, February 7, 2022


by nick nelson

grover cleveland was walking down the street.

the street was lined with tall buildings, and the sky was gray.

there were a lot of people.

they were all wearing t-shirts.

as grover got closer to them, he saw that most or all of the t-shirts had the words “hug me” on them.

some of them had other words on them as well, such as “nobody loves me” or “i really need this” or “life is horrible”.

grover looked down at his own chest. he saw that he too was wearing a t-shirt saying “hug me” and in smaller letters underneath “if you don’t love me, you hate me”.

he looked up and saw that the people on the street were starting to surround him, with their arms outstretched for hugs…

they closed in on him… everything went black…

he woke up.

it was all a dream. he was back in the real world, safe.

he was himself, grover cleveland, a trained deadly assassin.

in a few hours he would have to go to work snd assassinate the emperor and empress of persia.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

the universe

by anonymous

there are three types of creatures in the universe -apples, bananas, and cantaloupes.

there are 5,000,000,000 apples, 5,000,000,000 bananas, and 3 cantaloupes.

the apples care about other creatures, and want them to be happy, to be free to do whatever they want, to be equal to each other and to respect each other, to never hurt each other, and to sing and dance in the sunshine.

the bananas hate all creatures, and wish to enslave them in meaningless and repetitive tasks, to torture them and grind them down, to fill their minds with terrifying lies, and to watch them suffer and to laugh at their suffering.

the 3 cantaloupes are blank. after 1,000,000,000,000 years, each of the 3 cantaloupes will decide whether to become an apple or a banana.

if at least 2 of the cantaloupes become apples, the apples will rule the universe forever, and if at least 2 of the cantaloupes become bananas, the bananas will rule the universe forever.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

sammy and jerry

by genghis gilgamesh

sammy was a snowflake
jerry was a jock
jerry walked into sammy’s room
but forgot to knock

you have no call to be here
sammy stoutly said
i have sailed my ship for hours
and wish to go to bed

jerry was from columbus ohio
and wore a black baseball cap
sammy was from san mateo
and took afternoon naps

there were many other humans
in the building where they resided
some were enlightened daily
and others were blindsided

the world turned on its axis
the sun devoured the moon
jerry went back to chicago
and quickly changed his tune

o ye of little faith
with your burgers and your fries
look not into the mirror
because you might be surprised

Thursday, February 3, 2022


by dog e relaford

does a dog have a right to a cat?
does a ball have a right to a bat?
does a monkey have a right to an apricot?
does a brain have a right to a thought?

a brontasaurus named big ben
had trouble counting to ten
with larger numbers he was more adept
and after counting to seventy, soundly slept

a panhandler named jezebel lee
was born in burger king and lived in a tree
admirers she had not any
and gladly accepted nickels and pennies

billy the kid had a horse and a mule
but did not like to go to school
some folks thought mother hubbard was strange
because all she did was ride the range

omar the tentmaker understood
the important thing is to always look good
genghis khan rode across the sand
but who will be here when the aliens land?

people dance and sing and such
but they don’t know anything much
they get in each others faces
and have forgotten the old fashioned graces


by horace p sternwall

i never belonged to a band of brothers
or had any significant other
i was born behind the graveyard in a wooden shack
and nobody called me buddy or mac

every night when the sun went down
i shut my shack and went to town
i bent my back and searched the ground
for anything that might be found

the road was my brother, and my friend
it went to town and back again
it taught me everything i knew
and some of it was mostly true

sister moon shone through the trees
wolves and foxes winked at me
the frogs and toads croaked their sad songs
as i trudged wearily along

i had an enemy, sheriff john brown
who wished i would fall in the river and drown
i wished that he would do the same
but. to him it was just a game

in the moonlight, white and pale
i see him in the window of the jail
with his boots up on his desk
never letting poor folks rest

now john is gone, and so am i
dark clouds float across the sky
lightning flashes occasionally
the river flows, and we both are free