Monday, October 12, 2015

3 poems by 3 poets

illustrations by palomine studios

the dream

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

stalin never wore a suit and tie
because he was just a regular guy
and neither did mao ze dong
because he truly loved the people all day long

the human race was willing and eager
to be saved by woody guthrie and pete seeger
but j edgar hoover and richard nixon
betrayed their dreams by putting the fix in

if lorca and gary cooper had defeated franco
and john garfield and henry fonda robbed every bank, oh
there might still be time to save the earth
from the koch brothers’ stalactitic mirth

as the earth fries like a slice of spam
who will denounce the oligarch’s evil sham
where’s emma goldman? rosa luxembourg? mike gold?
down moloch’s hill the world’s already rolled

soupy fedora

by chuck leary

he wore a soupy fedora
in the streets of gomorrah
and waited patiently for autumn
in the alleys of sodom

as the train pulls out
the flower girls shout
and the newsboys cry
for a slice of cherry pie

the rain pours down
on the fedora’s battered crown
and the downturned brim
hides the infinite sadness of slim

chance flashed him a card
and he tried very hard
to remember its contours
and down the rain still pours

fair ladies

by corinne delmonico

all women can not be the same
they must play the beauty game
someone must be placed above
all others in desire and love

billions of ladies crowd the scene
but one must be crowned queen
for to see them all the human brain
would collapse under the strain

paris hilton had her day in the sun
we hope she had some fun
then it was kim kardashian’s turn
she still has fame to burn

now fate has given the world a gift
taylor swift
no need to cry and cuss
when you also have miley cyrus