Monday, September 16, 2019

old times

by horace p sternwall

i remember the good old times
before i was covered with slime
and i was the president of the united states’s caddy
and all the women loved me madly

and i did just as i pleased
and sat beside the pool drinking daiquiris
and everybody was interested in my opinions
and when i wanted a prize, i would win one

stop - it seems to me
that i am mot engaging your sympathy
what is that you say?
that at least i had my day?

like every dog has its day?
put your martini back on the tray
stand up and challenge me like a human being
i can not believe what i am hearing and seeing

things were different then
cats were women and dogs were men
rain fell on the flowers and the road ran on
i was here and now i am gone