Saturday, April 10, 2010

5 more poems

by horace p sternwall

pictures by rhoda

sad poem

life is so sad sometimes you just want to cry
and maybe even curl up and die
and then you roll over and look up at the clear blue sky
and st michael leans down and says, what's wrong little guy?

so maybe things aren't really as bad as all that
but i wish i had a press card in my hat
and could visit the president of the united states for a nice little chat
and eat hot dogs and ice cream all day and never get fat

and could walk up to people on the street and just say hi
and look them right in the eye
did you ever wonder why
it's not that easy, sweetie pie?

maybe some things are just meant to be
dogs bark, and birds sing in trees
humans alone in the evening breeze
watch the skies and scratch and wheeze

and try not to be taken by surprise
by fate's sly tricks and reality's lies
each in his own pathetic disguise
helpless as the waters rise

the hammer of heaven is always raised
and will surely fall one of these days
no more devilish despair or prayerful praise
and no one left to be amazed

bad beatnik bongo poem # 2

had a cool hat
churchill wanted one
just like that

but his regimental tie
caught the marshal's glittering eye

steel drums in the london night
bongos in the dawn
molotov folded the london times
folded it with a yawn

soft music
through the kremlin played
before the final alien raid

ant men from a distant star
finished off the caviar

little angel midnight
waited in the rain
for raphael and st jerome
hitchhiking from spain

gabriel in the shadows
watching bombers loading
ike lit up a lucky
with a strange foreboding


i ain't never been to the zoo
or the opera either - how about you?


when morning comes the little stars go hide
in the embrace of dawn - the blushing bride


he shot himself in the head
one wall turned black, the other red

1 comment:

Dan Leo said...

We are so not worthy of the genius that is Sternwall.

But what the hell, we'll take what we can get.