Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i wish i could draw

cat crawled into

   a lattice of clematis

 on the porch

       not invisible  ,not

hidden from the sun , but
      unnoticeable, and fat, and shaded

 from above. My love for her

     and the long thread-brown  stems

  she has found her way

         into  a cylinder of  ,  and

the sun,   and the way she

can't quite get her face comfortable

 these;  i wish i could draw ,  b
 cause  no  photo  could  show  you  

on the cedar planks in shifting s un

            how she did it



rhoda said...

thanks, odd! welcome aboard.

Peter Greene said...

Thanks for having me. If 'Add' is a deficit of attention, what's 'odd'?

Unusual among my poems, I may actually fool with this one later. There's one word I might change - plus, I wish I could somehow play a mental film of the cat slowly going inside the clematis in the hot hot sun with the smell of roasting cedar and the buzzing quiet of the light - I just ain't got the tools. Usually I work in a more abstracted space. Perhaps I should focus on life studies a bit, see if I'm any good at it, grow some mental muscles for it. Anyway - thanks again. Talk to ya -


Peter Greene said...

There's also a short/novella I've been backburnering for so long I can smell the charcoal. I may try to scrape it, slap it, thin it with some milk, put in a pinch of sugar and try it on you guys. Be warned.

(imagines his mental kitchen as a huge hall, filled with back burners and bubbling pots)

God, I hate cooking. I love writing, though, and I love the smells and objects and sounds of cooking (make beef bourgignon right some day, it's like a hundred still life pictures and two hundred dirty platters go into the dish). Hmmm. I hate cooking after twenty-five years working in kitchens. I still like writing, and I've been doing it longer. I guess I should have taken a life lesson sooner.

rhoda said...

"odd" was a typo! i meant "old" like old 333! sorry about that!

i look forward to your novella.

Dan Leo said...

Welcome, fellow cat appreciator!