Saturday, July 17, 2010

the spotless bicycle

by rhoda penmarq

with a bow to the shade of mr edward gorey


lived in a big house in a swamp

with an imposing collection of aunts, uncles and cousins

who spent their days

on a wide verandah in rocking chairs exuding despair

iphelia was a cheerful child, and never relented in her efforts to brighten the moods of her unhappy relatives

with ever diminishing results

only cousin chalmers showed even a flicker of energy

but even he did not care so much for little girls

iphelia's best friends were a cormorant named charisse

and a bear named beaufort

together they searched the swamp for interesting objects, to try to strike the fancy and allay the torpor of the house's inhabitants

the three friends did not always see eye to eye on what constituted "interesting"

beaufort liked artifacts from galactic empires that had fallen from the sky

iphelia preferred objects that emerged from the primal ooze after being submerged for billions of years

while charisse only considered charm and taste regardless of age or origin

one day they found a curiously spotless bicycle

they approached it with some trepidation

chapter 2: an excellent concoction


Dan Leo said...


By the way, we're still waiting for the official version of that certain Gorey tribute poem...

human being said...

i have my iphelia too... who at a time that i was haunted by a mood like that of these imposing relatives, sent me the pics of this marvelous story...
i loved it and am looking forward to the rest of it...

the details in the illustrations are so meaningful... great work!

Unknown said...

This made me smile from beginning to end, and because you bowed to Edward Gorey, I imagined I recognized the connection. (Were that I were better versed...)
Either way, Rhoda, I'm waiting for more about iphelia, her despair exuding family and interesting friends.