Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 poems

by horace p sternwall

illustrated by rhoda penmarq


outside the tightest window
beyond the dimmest star
a little man is watching
who knows who you really are

there is no use pretending
and trying to be "yourself"
he will catch you when you try to run
and put you back on the shelf

you can roll your little eyes
at the other dolls beside you
they will just stare straight ahead
so faithful, brave and true

so listen to the music
as soft as falling snow
there is nowhere to go
there is nowhere, nowhere to go



i went down to the river
to buy my dog a bone
and the river looked so peaceful
i had to throw a stone

the ripples in the water
were like a great big smile
and i sat and smiled back at it
for quite a little while

my dog walked down the river bank
till he found another hound
but the racket that they ruckused
did not disturb the peace i found

the daylight whispered slowly
until it finally bled away
i don't know what my dog thought
but i had had a perfect day



Dan Leo said...

A day with two new Sternwall poems is a good day.

Peter Greene said...

The first one was tin soldier freaky. I liked 'em both - thanks, Monsieur Sternwall and rhoda!