Thursday, April 7, 2011

the doomed: the memoirs of arnold schnabel - the early years

by arnold schnabel

edited by professor dan leo

illustrations by rhoda penmarq

part six of six

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* click here for Arnold's poem about Frank's Playland


Unknown said...

This one, which left Arnold feeling fine, left me feeling sad--not for him--maybe for the universe through which we teeter knowing nothing.
Loved the pictures of baby Arnold, rhoda, and all the endless turning.

Dan Leo said...

Arnold dodged disaster here, Kathleen, so -- no tears for Arnold! Now as for the universe...

Peter Greene said...

Arnold Schnabel is a fascinating bug to watch...amazing and poignant stuff, guys. Thanks for it.

Peter G.

Dan Leo said...

You're welcome, Peter, from me, from rhoda, and from Arnold.

rhoda said...

yes, peter, thanks for all your comments and support, here and elsewhere

Peter Greene said...

Well, I really am enjoying your stories, here and elsewhere. It's too bad nobody is paying you a fortune to do this. Getty Foundation, help! We're drownding.

Mmm, fried onions. Steak (bottom blade, so cheap and lovely) marinated in hot sauce, chili rice an' beans, fried onions, and other fried things such as zucchini. And a yam to make sure I truly overeat.

Life, for this wonderful moment, is good.