Sunday, September 2, 2012

outlaw blues

by horace p sternwall

pictures: pete palomine

courtesy of the pete palomine foundation

an outlaw is always on the lam
from society's total scam
he gets it while he can
waiting for the day when he faces the man

another doorway, another night
dreams interrupted that never take flight
a junkshop of memories, mostly bad
mom and jack daniels, with their smiles so sad

over the river the smile of dawn
taunts the outlaw to get it on
the man is sleeping, in his penthouse high
and the outlaw is left to wonder why

someday, in a shining hour
the man will come down from his tower
to face the outlaw's wrath
at the end of his heroic path

but when - when - when?
the sun is rising yet again
the outlaw stretches and blinks
the bottle beside him winks

"though the way be long and cold
and my dreams get a little old

o friend so faithful and true
what would i do without you?"

1 comment:

Dan Leo said...

The meeting of two giants: Sternwall and Palomine. We won't soon see their like again...