Saturday, October 18, 2014

the fotherinton inheritance, part 13

by heathcote parkman sternwall

illustrations by penmarq studios and palomine studios

chapters 86 - 93 of 156

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86. reward

“virtue is its own reward” was a precept the orphan’s mother had often repeated to her.


87. unmasked

leaving mr barbourfoth’s lodgings, “kelvin armistead” strode down the street with as great an air of confidence as he could muster.

as soon as he turned the corner at george st and felt he was safely out of mr barbourforth’s, or mr barbourforth’s servant’s , sight, he gave a great sigh and allowed his posture to reflect his true feelings.

he headed toward edgeware rd.

as he did he was accosted by a shabby looking fellow with a cloth cap hiding most of his weatherbeaten face.

“ho there, governor!”

“kelvin” was in no mood for charity, and pushed the man aside with his walking stick.

“whoa there, governor, don’t you recognize me?”

“i think not,” replied “kelvin” without looking around.

“but i recognize you!” the man called after him. “lieutenant corgrave!”

“kelvin” stopped, and looked back.

the man smiled.


88. two pennies

“give us a penny, will yer, miss?”

was the whole city filled with nothing but beggars?

and yet, like a shaft of sunlight penetrating a foggy day, the thought crossed the orphan’s mind that giving the woman a penny would bring her luck.

she gave the woman two pennies.


89. an important date

“has a date been set for the reading of the will?” cousin bartholomew asked cousin arboreta for the third time.

“indeed it has - tomorrow.”


90. old acquaintance

“gobbins! i know you, you vile rascal.”

“and what have you been doing, squire, since the disgraceful end to your military career?”


91. jasper’s thoughts

“inconvenient?” cousin arboreta looked somewhat blankly at cousin jasper, who had expressed his annoyance at the early date set by mr garwood for the reading of the old woman’s will.

“how can it be inconvenient? inconvenient for whom, jasper? none of us are going anywhere. none of us have gone anywhere for years.”

“i wanted time to collect my thoughts,” jasper replied.

arboreta started to say, “are they worth collecting?” but checked herself.


92. resolve

keenly aware of the futility of her efforts so far, the orphan resolved to travel to madwood and approach the fotherintons on their own territory.

how foolish she had been to approach mr barbourforth!


93. remonstrance

“take a moment to collect your thoughts, jasper, and start your exposition again.”


chapters 94 - 100

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