Thursday, December 3, 2015

2 poems

illustrations by palomine studios

no more

by horace p sternwall

there are no more secrets for spies to steal
no more mysteries to be revealed
no more conspiracies to be exposed
that is just the way it goes

everything is out in the open
wisdom of the ages? - keep hoping
what you see is what you get
enlightenment is falling without a net

alas! the younger generation
heeds no stately peroration
from graybeards staggering to the grave
dreams are now reality’s slaves

oh poor demystified planet!
now just one big slab of granite
who will write your epitaph
when the gods chuckle and the angels laff

poem for everyone

by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

look out the window
what do you see?
i don’t see you
and i don’t see me

i see ten trillion desperate souls
filled with bomb and bullet holes
marching through the purple gloom
of john the baptist’s hotel room

i am not attila the hun
i am more st stephen
i never get mad
nor do i get even

nobody owes me anything
that’s the way i see it
if the picnic ends tomorrow
so be it

1 comment:

nooshin azadi said...

i owe you something wiggly jones... ;)