Sunday, March 19, 2017

double a, part 2

by genghis gilgamesh

illustrated by konrad kraus

part two of four

for part one, click here

out on the outskirts of town
was an old house tumbling down
i had explored it as a kid
i knew where secret doors were hid

doors that led to deep dungeons
in which you took a chance of plunging
into a dark and deadly abyss
in which you would feel eternity’s kiss

if i could get johnny and harry there
their prospects would not be fair
i knew the contours of every room
and i would lead them to their doom

and then when they were out of the way
everything would be as i say
i could take over the town
and whatever i wanted would go down

and so it transpired
we got in johnny’s caddy with whitewall tires
and headed out to the old harris place
a disgusted sneer was on harry’s face

johnny kept his foot on the gas
miles of deserted roadway passed
behind a cloud the moon was hid
“where exactly are we going, kid?”

“there it is,” i finally said
“there it is just up ahead”
the deserted mansion suddenly loomed
presenting a solemn face of doom

we came to a stop
you could hear a dime drop
“i don’t like this,” said harry
on the wind his voice did carry

my voice was a little slack
as i said “they are waiting in the back”
i got out of the car
in the sky was a single star

i advanced with a confident air
and heard harry growl like a bear
my heart hammered hollow
but what could they do but follow?

i kept close to the side
like a shadow tried to glide
then ducked down some cellar stairs
of which johnny and harry were unawares

behind the house a yawning pit
like a demon’s mouth did sit
i heard their footsteps slow
and harry say “where did he go?”

i held my breath
life or death?
i heard harry stumble on
then he screamed - and was gone

johnny stopped in his track
would he go forward or back?
he felt in his pocket for a match
and i was on him in a flash

i caught him by surprise
and the mad glint in his eyes
told me i had no time to think
as i pushed him over the brink

one more step and i was over too
but destiny played me true
i stood there gasping, stunned
but i had won!

the caddy sat beneath the trees
in it johnny had left the keys
i drove it fifty miles away
as the night turned to day

i left the car in a vacant lot
in a little town that time forgot
it would be stolen and stripped in an hour
as sure as the rain loves little flowers

i headed for the highway and stuck out my thumb
i always knew my day would come
i had no trouble catching rides
because folks in these parts are much obliged

i got back home a little after noon
under my breath i hummed a tune
the clouds drifted by and the sun did shine
the town had been johnny’s but now it was mine

mom was baking cookies as usual
she was glad to see me and the feeling was mutual
you were up early, she casually noted
into the kitchen a butterfly floated

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