Monday, March 20, 2023

on the other side

by bofa xesjum

on the other side of the hill they take the money right out of your shoes

they waited for it under a cloudy sky

excuse me, but nobody knows you

clowns are sad, because you never know

boys will be boys, because george washington could not tell a lie

ducks float in the water, because many are called

elephants remember, but how did it come to this?

right you are, it is all a big joke

it is too bad that you are quite the comedian

nobody knows you, so quit while you are ahead

i told you so - america is the greatest country in the world

just you wait - your number will be called

there are no excuses for how this turned out

we have zero tolerance for the very well

flowers bloom in the spring forever and ever

right you are and right you are forever

love conquers all when the flowers blow away

clowns are sad because they are always right

elephants remember what george washington really did

america was the greatest country in the world when it was sold down the river

just you wait, you will all get the joke

boys will be boys, for as long as it takes

just you wait, it will all disappear in a flash

ducks float in the water, because you never know

i told you so, because love conquers all

wait for it, and watch the skies over the hills

they were sold down the river under a bad sign

and that is when it all started to come apart

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