Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Minds are Many

Our minds are many
and they live and die
like clouds that chase
their shadows in the sky.

Or like a hive
of loyal bees that weave
their pathways
through a cold grey dawn;

return and dance
a royal turn to sign
their findings at the throne
with sure but innocent design.

Our minds are many
not a single vault
of vintage wines
maturing by default.

More like a cave
with one eye to the light
and creatures happy
to be out of sight.

Our minds are many,
like a driven storm
of swallows,
free within their given form.

Our minds are many,
and we are not wise
to heed alone
the one behind our eyes.


rhoda said...

very nice indeed, bob. thanks for posting!

human being said...

amazing images and a beautiful pace...

and a thoughtprovoking ending...

my mind loved this...