Thursday, August 26, 2010


by human being
illustrations by rhoda penmarq

first of five parts

i turned
the path turned too

each person i meet along the path
is part of me
long lost

the only obstacle in my path is

i go on... and on
if i stop
i'll get lost

the river watches me
passing by

on the road
some may rob me
they are losers

on the road
some may compete with me
they are loners

on the road
some may kill me
they will die

they can steal my shoes
but not my steps

they can cut off my legs
but not my will to walk

part two


Dan Leo said...

Even better read the day after reading it the first time.

human being said...

wow! this means a lot to me!
thanks a lot, dear friend...

Dan Leo said...

Yer welcome. Great job by Rhoda too. As usual.

Peter Greene said...

Wow, this is neat.

human being said...

so glad you liked it!