Monday, June 20, 2011

Intact and Broken

by francis scudellari and nooshin azadi

All plain words by francis scudellari

All italic words by nooshin azadi

the whole panorama of the world was
reflected flawlessly on my little marble
as it traveled at will on the paths
without ever being violated by a possessive hand
all gains were painless
the glass didn't know the stone
my heart was not acquainted with love

The seen-through pane whispers
hardship's lessons
with fine spider-web cracks.
A hungry orb weaver
reflecting on this --
spiraled glass, brokenness --
stitches it better.

the first stepping stone stopped the marveling marble in the kaleidoscopic web of
a fragmented reflection

Untouched, it had felt indestructible held close, it sees the creep of crevices
opening a myriad intact windows in a single broken window
Each different facet perfectly depicting its wholly woven worlds

included in the book "meeting through the wall" , available from lulu

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