Monday, December 28, 2009

pain, madness and everyday life, section 1

here is a story of j's.
joe and jane live together below the poverty line in a house that is barely up to code. joe is a female to male schizophrenic transsexual....wait, maybe that should be transsexual schizophrenic ... yes, that one. jane, his lesbian partner has severe rheumatoid arthritis and is the decline stages of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. jane's son, justin, is 19 and lives with joe and jane. justin's friends john, josh, and jessie flop at the house whenever they need booze, drugs, or shelter... mazlow's basics minus two... justin's former girlfriend, jennifer often brings their infant daughter by for visits ( julia, if you're interested)... two dogs, and six cats share the house. one of the cats is feral, his name is spike, of course. jane used to have a bird, but found it was just too much.
joe drove to the humane society and got a pet rat. he named the rat pixie. pixie is a stupid rat. this is an important detail. joe and jane have conflicting sleep schedules. this is an important detail. jane is exhausted by mid- evening when joe usually smokes a joint and does some E. joe passes out and hours later wakes up screaming for jane to find pixie. jane squeezes her swollen fingers inside a hole in the couch and gets pixie, just like that. she can think like a rat i guess and figures pixie is stupid enough to get trapped inside the couch. pixie races around in the delirious dance of the ex-con. jane does some screaming of her own pixie is your rat what the hell were you thinking.... jane can't be doing this shite. ok, so they understand each other. another day another night, justin, john, josh, jessie and joe smoke some joints and do some E. more hours later josh's stoner moans of horror wrench jane out of sleep and drag her do the bedroom door jane he says spike's caught a really big mouse.... i don't know, man....
jane shovels pixie's guts and carcass into a green garbage bag and sobs herself into some kind of agony induced coma. jane can't be doing this shite. joe ventures out and brings back more essentials you know how it is, man, you run out ya gotta get more.... hey, he says to jane i got us another pixie.
j is just after i and what is between noise and i ... pain and madness ... or everyday life


Harlequin said...

this is the first section of a longer piece I am working on. this section and the next I have done draft versions of on another collaborative blog project ( and have decided to continue it.... I figured the first two sections would provide a context...
looking forward sharing this with this community
thanks to timmy for the invitation

timmy said...

this is very impressive ... definitely look forward to more ... thank you very much