Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Thousand Unemployed Farmers

They finally met at the pub. It rained and the lorry outside made a booming sound as he ordered meatballs and mashed potatoes. The woman opposite had the curly kind of hair that looked like pasta, he thought while chewing on the meat. "You know what? There are two thousand unemployed farmers in this county," she said in an attempt to strike up a conversation. He nodded, while looking at her posh necklace. She had tried to make an effort, he noticed and said something about her dress. "Yeah, thank you Erik." She wasn't prepared to talk about how she looked. "Isn't it distasteful? This county needs farmers. All these unemployed farmers are doing unqualified tasks, while people are starving outside this sector." She stopped when looking at his eyes. Totally blank. Why was this woman going on? he thought. He was trying to be nice to her. He made a real effort. More than was demanded of him. Why couldn't she be nice? Her fork suddenly made its was to the floor under the table. "Shit!", she dived down to fetch it. For a short moment she scrutinized his slacks and leather boots before turning up again, looking slightly embarrassed.

They finished the meal. She paid and then offered him a lift in her car. It was dark outside. "I sure hope I don't get caught by the police", she smiled. "Yeah, but how serious could it be.” “For you?" he added while looking at her dark profile. They passed the office district. It was largely dead by this time. He looked impressed. Most of the large towers seemed undamaged. Some even looked shining in the constant lights from numerous sources. She followed his eyes. "We are copying quite well, despite what people say.” He grunted and pointed at an enormous blown out building. "Of course, some parts has its beauty spots.” A harsh tone now. He realized he had gone to far now, and felt uneasy before hearing her sales man voice again; ”Rome wasn't repaired in one day, you know" He decided to shut up before spoiling things for himself. Very few cars passed as they turned into the residential districts on the south side. The car droved up to a villa. They waited while security doors opened. After parking, they remained motionless in their seats. Very quiet. He looked at her wonderingly. She seemed to be thinking about something very hard, then sighted, and opened the car door. "OK. Shall we go?”

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Unknown said...

"We are copying quite well, despite what people say.”

I love that line: it has so many possible meanings here and perhaps everywhere.