Thursday, December 2, 2010

7. it was on top of the cypress tree that crow learned how to fly


crow was sitting on top of the cypress tree
cawing about all it could see
down below
and up above

they were walking on the forgotten earth
listening to crow
but watching the picture reflected
in the mirror they were holding
in front of their faces


and seven is an end... each end a beginning...
/nooshin azadi/


Dan Leo said...

A very nice series, dear human being. I look forward to the next beginning.

Peter Greene said...

Is crow becoming Crow to the people below - learning mastership, lordery? It seems as though he has found the way to speak to people - through their own self-reflective nature...just as those you meet today

generally think that they thought their thoughts alone...but the voices of those like Crow echo technologically very well. Fortunately, the planet thinks through all of us. I think.

Thanks for a poem that really made me think!

human being said...

dear Dan Leo... the little raindrop thanks the ocean...
for the new beginning, I should evaporate..

dear Old Peter... I really loved your interpretation... so positive and thoughtprovoking... thanks for opening a new window... really needed that!