Sunday, December 19, 2010

reading: that cat

children's rhymse ii

that cat she wanted to go for a sail
to feel the crisp wind
to spin a great tale

and so she stitched
bits of leaf with her whiskers
and bound many sticks
with the help of her sisters

'til her craft was done:

cat-sized, quite small,
but sturdy, and tipsy,
then steady in squalls.

ii: the Whale

and so when the cat
was well out from land
she saw a fine beach

green trees
golden sand

so beaching her boat
she stepped on the shore:

and of cat, boat, and island
nowt was heard more.

iii: Riches: The Return:

'til later
much later
after spit-up and gale
our cat washed ashore
all glued up
and blue.

But when her five sisters
undid all her wrack
they found 'twas ambergris

and now they're quite rich.

2009 Peter Greene.


Dan Leo said...

A very nice tryptch, Peter. (Of course I'm prejudiced -- I'm a cat person!)

Peter Greene said...

Thanks, Dan.

human being said...

caw caw!
this is so lovely!
i wish i could watch the video...