Monday, December 6, 2010

another song

by jack dale coody

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

my poems are free, and so am i
whatever flies in the windswept sky
can hear my song - absolutely no charge
i'm the bard-ambassador at large

i've worn out a thousand pairs of shoes
i've rocked on the rails and been rolled by the muse
through georgia dust and wyoming hail
i've defied the world to tell my tale

judges and congressmen with their laws
auxiliary ladies with their fancy gewgaws
the diplomats in their pinstriped suits
can look down their nose - i don't give a hoot

my poems are free, and so am i
i wear no gucci shoes, no brooks brothers tie
keep your nobel prize - i'll save my words
for the midnight highway and the hummingbirds


Dan Leo said...

So great to see this unjustly unheralded bard on these pages -- one of the very few poets worthy of being mentioned in the same breath with American masters like Horace P. Sternwall or Arnold Schnabel...

rhoda said...

glad you like "uncle jack"s poems. i will try to dig up a few more.