Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i'm still a child...


death is drizzling
towering powers are decorated with caring corpses
proud-covered monotonous lines meet
planes crash horizontally
dots die undramatically
roads lie
leaders leak
polluting the soul
jealousy is still snowing
bleak bells jingle
poets compete to wear the emperor's new clothes



Peter Greene said...

Lyrical and bleak. I liked it, and thanks.

Francis Scudellari said...

Hope is imprisoned within two dimensions.

human being said...

dear Old Peter...
that's the way i get warm...

it is!
flat! that's how everything feels...

btw, your new avatar is so meaningful...
it reminds me of a story i read when i was a little kid... and loved so much... in which a snowman called baba-barfi (snow daddy) bakes lots of bread for some children all through the night... when the sun rises, well... you can guess the rest...

timmy said...

the emperors
the poets
the leaders
the pilots and passengers
are they still children too?

human being said...


emperors rule
poets cheat
leaders lead
pilots direct
and passengers follow
they have all lost
the child
who cries out the truth