Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the quest for the golden cobra , or over the hills and into the mist

even numbered chapters by nooshin azadi
odd numbered chapters by rhoda penmarq

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

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chapter 2 : through the window


the faraway mountains were as eager as ever
the shore as inviting as a smile
the rippling sea was yawning with anticipation
the seabirds ripping apart a dreary dream
princess atusa was blind to all this
the only thing her eagle eyes could see
was the peacock movement of a demure figure along the dancing line of the shore:
a sister she had never seen in person
a princess whose presence was her absence
a dark cloud overcasting her entire life
a free being whose first cry of fear
turned into a prison atop a castle
a cell replacing the womb of a mother
who never dared to hold her
to embrace her
to feed her
to look into her eyes

she turned her back to the dusty window 
to face the tall mirror across from it
she gazed at the reflection of her feet in the mirror 
feet as heavy as the hollow heavens above
her dress was long enough to hide the fetters 
her eyes traveled deliberately up her    dress 
ornamented with her cascading hair
hair as dark as her fate
a little ball was vibrating in her neck
she could see it vividly
she always saw it 
she always watched it
that was the last thing she could see of herself in the mirror
her mirror was not tall enough to show her face
no mirror was courageous enough to show the reflection of her face
and no eye sighted enough to watch it
her face was a fence separating her 
from the rest of the world
a world she wished to burn down to ashes


chapter 3


Peter Greene said...

Oo, I hope she is unleashed upon a helpless world, starting with that enemy princess!

My money's on Atusa whin the chips hit the sh*t; takers? She seems like a game one.

I eagerly await the next instalment....thanks, guys!

human being said...

aw... this makes my job more difficult!
hope you can get at least your own money back!
thanks a lot dear Old Peter... you are a great reader (as well as a fabulous poet).... infusing more blood into the veins of those who you read...