Saturday, January 22, 2011

magic bugs

                                           magic bugs

   magic bugs
           in the undergrowth  make you wonder
   what mechanisms course through their not -very -veins
           below their silver skins below silver skeins
of moon light the way  they
       change,  mouthparts  seeming one  way  , then
                  another  in the tricky light-  quiet
      sounds  of click and whisper  in the night  as
                       rearrange  the twigs and branches  on the ground
                             and    braid the furze
                                                        to greet the day
                             with a forest  like
                                                 vision on acid -words etched
                            and hidden everywhere  shifting  half-meanings hid
                       in what is still everyday  and growing -and
                                 which bugs are they?  you might catch one
                       in the gloaming , and crush it in your hand
                                   the tiny machines to reveal -but then
                        a thousand lights like fireflies
                                                    might gather  round  you
                           and decorate the forest
                                                       with strands of your hair
                          and  scraps of your scent (the missing
                                  persons hounds to confounde- ) even  - echoes
                           of  your laughter and wonder, as you beheld
                       the truth behind the secrets of the morning
                                                          and went - glad
                            in the  going
                                                with    that     knowledge
                              (even so,  cyber -entomologist  and
                                                                    seeker of secrets - 
                               even so
                                          might you go).



rhoda said...

very nice, peter, thank you very much. it had been too long since you posted something here yourself.

human being said...

what an experience!
loved the way you made this a journey into awareness...
so mystical and beautiful...


Peter Greene said...

Thanks, you guys.

Dan Leo said...

We don't have enough poems about bugs!