Friday, January 28, 2011

a trinity...


one was present
one was absent
one was just dormant

one was killing 
one was dying
one was just watching

one was ignorant
one was innocent
one still works in a restaurant



Peter Greene said...


This one makes me want to go and listen to Cake, of all things. Thanks for the poem, human being!

human being said...

thank YOU, dear Old Peter...

cake is such a sweet name for a band... i found a bit of information about them and their style on wikipedia... now i should find a way to listen to them ...

Anonymous said...

Whoa,...sometimes you are just so... WOW. When I got to the last line, I gasped. This cuts through like lightning so many layers of my understanding right down to my soul SHAZAM.

timmy said...

nothing to add
nothing to subtract

Francis Scudellari said...

I could spend a long time trying to interpret this, but I think I'll just savor the ambiguity instead.

human being said...

isn't crow so fortunate to have these beautiful souls here to listen to her harsh croaks?

Kelly... crow is soaring to hear that... as her mission is to disturb! :D

timmy... so it should be multiplied, dear teacher, eh? :)

Francis... we see better when things get vague... no? :)

love to you all