Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the penultimate hit, chapter 6: the big mush

by horace p sternwall

editorial consultant and executive producer: dan leo

illustrations by rhoda penmarq and roy dismas

"wait here."
"sure. i ain't going nowhere."
brock sipped his drink of almost decent scotch and stared at the wall as nurse johnson disappeared into a back room. he wished she had turned the television on - television! - but it wasn't worth arguing about.
she returned in about five minutes. she had four rectangular objects in her hands, identical except for their size. the largest was about the size of a pie, another the size of a book, the third of a pack of cigarettes, and the smallest about as big as a matchbook. she spread them on the low table in front of the couch and sat down beside him. they were different colors, but all looked made of some kind of hard plastic, and each had a plate of what looked like glass or silver on one of the widest sides.
brock stared at them. "they don't look like much." brock stared at them. "they don't look like much." he looked a little closer. each had a little red light and a little green light on the side. the lights looked off. he reached for the green light on the largest rectangle.

"don't touch it! i'm just showing them to you." nurse johnson pushed the objects a little further away from brock.
"what are they? they look like they might be little televisions."
"they are that. and a lot more."
"or two-way radios. like dick tracy or buck rogers would have."
"they are that too. and a whole, whole lot more besides."
"okay, tell me. exactly what are they?"
"they are portals to the big mush."

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