Friday, May 12, 2017

pete and susan

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pete and susan had drifted apart, but their friends were always trying to get them back together.

jenny was the most persistent.

“you guys were so cute together,” she repeated one night, when the three of them were sitting at a table at big dave’s comedy club, waiting for the first show. big dave’s was the gang’s regular place to hang out.

susan rolled her eyes a little bit, and pete just went, “mmm”, but jenny kept on.

“i mean, it was just amazing the way you always just seemed to know what the other one was thinking. you had this great - this great rapport - like it was psychic or something. i used to talk about you to the people where i work, about how you were just the cutest, most perfect couple.”

what jenny did not suspect was that pete and susan had developed their rapport while they were plotting and carrying out the murder of jenny’s old boyfriend adam. it had been the perfect crime, with adam disappearing without a trace, and the police left with no leads.

but with adam out of the way, and the adrenaline rush of the murder dissipated, the bond between pete and susan had gradually dissolved.

now, listening to jenny ramble on, pete gave susan a look.

susan understood immediately, and gave pete a look to show that she did.

they would get rid of jenny the way they had gotten rid of adam. with the same meticulous planning and perfect execution.

jenny saw the looks pete and susan had exchanged. “i saw that!” she exclaimed. “i knew it! you guys are getting together again! for sure!”

pete and susan just smiled.

“this calls for a celebration,” said jenny. “let’s get totally shitfaced, what do you say?”

“why not?” pete agreed.

pete and susan looked at each other again.

it was going to be good.

it was going to be just like old times.

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