Monday, May 15, 2017

the old gang

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the old dark house was the oldest darkest house steve and gloria had ever seen.

they had been driving the dark and deserted roads for hours and they were almost out of gas.

when they pulled up in front of the house a light went on in an upstairs window,

“it looks like the gang is here after all,” said steve.

it had been raining since nightfall, but now the skies opened up in a downpour, almost obliterating the sight of the house just a few yards from the car.

“i ain’t getting out in that,” said gloria.

“we don’t have any choice,” said steve. “it looks like the gang is here.”

steve gave gloria his jacket to put over her head and they made a dash for the door.

the door was heavy, but they pulled it open and got safely inside.

they stood in the dark hallway and heard music, piano music, coming down the stairs, as well as faint voices.

“it sounds like the old gang,” said steve.

they started up the stairs.

it was indeed the old gang, gathered in a room on the third floor.

hitler was playing the piano - some old fats waller tunes.

einstein and mariilyn monroe were seated at a table playing gin rummy.

mother teresa and alan turing were sitting on a couch with their heads together.

mrs roosevelt was standing at the window, looking out.

“i liked the old old gang better,” gloria muttered. “napoleon … lord byron… noel coward… lily langtry .… that was a gang… they knew how to gang it up.”

hitler looked up from the piano. “i heard that,” he said with a smile.

mrs roosevelt turned away from the window. “you don’t have to worry,” she said. “the new gang is here.”

steve and gloria heard voices downstairs. it sounded like a rowdy bunch, or at least had a couple of loudmouths in it.

einstein did the honors when the new arrivals came through the door.

“this is the new gang,” einstein told steve and gloria, introducing each in turn, “vladimir putin - elon musk - angela merkel - kim kardashian - rachel maddow - and last but not least, donald trump.”

“i don’t like this gang,” said gloria, “i just don’t like their looks. they look like a dreary bunch.”

“we have to give them a chance,” said steve.

but as he said it everything went dark.

steve found himself out on the highway.

everything was gone - the old gang, the new gang, the house, the car, even gloria.

it was still raining. he started walking.

it was the old army game.

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