Thursday, May 25, 2017

the little town

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there was a little town on a distant planet.

the inhabitants sort of got along with each other, but they were always arguing.

st agatha, the archangel placed in charge of the little town by the intergalactic empire, thought the inhabitants talked too much, to no purpose.

she decided to have a little fun with them.

the inhabitants were as follows:

jed mason , the mayor

ray cooley, the town drunkard

larry brodie, a juvenile delinquent

bob and wilma cooper, real estate agents

joe marshall, who ran the general store

cathy wilson, a senior systems analyst

debbie darnwell, a junior systems analyst

gloria maxwell, the schoolmarm

harry and sarah brown, who lived on sarah’s pension

annie armstrong, the town tramp

will moke, the sheriff

dave “fatso” jones, the deputy sheriff

max porter and jenny garfield, riffraff

st agatha decided to rewire them all, so that each one had only one word or short phrase that they used to communicate anything and everything.

the words or phrases she assigned were as follows:

jed mason - marsupial

ray cooley - dinner is served

larry brodie - national football league

bob cooper - strawberry shortcake

wilma cooper - down the road

joe marshall - arctic circle

cathy wilson - intense concentration

debbie darnwell - you never know

gloria maxwell - tanganyika

harry brown - holy roman empire

sarah brown - remote mountaintop

annie armstrong - who says?

will moke - prime number

dave “fatso” jones - buffalo chicken wings

max porter - my uncle jonathan

jenny garfield - serenity

as st agatha had suspected, with each townsperson limited in their speech in this manner, life went on pretty much as before.

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