Thursday, December 3, 2020

poem 32

by dog e relaford

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my dog and i went walking
down a shady lane
the dog turned into a spider
i turned into the king of spain

i sat alone on my golden throne
ruling my turbulent land
and wished i was a horseshoe crab
crawling through the sand

i wished i was a monkey
playing chess with nero in rome
or a wandering minstrel
wandering the earth without a home

i wished i was a hippo
grooving in the mud
i wished i was noah
riding smoothly on the flood

i wished i was a doughnut
in a shop in cincinnati
or a connoisseur of diamonds
saying those aren’t real, are they?

i could be all sorts of things
or so it seems
but i still have to pay the rent
because life is a strange dream

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