Tuesday, December 8, 2020

story 1

by nick nelson

once upon a time there was a dragon who did not want to be a dragon any more.

he decided to take to the king’s highway to find a magician who might help him out.

he walked and walked until he finally came upon a magician, to whom he explained his plight.

i can give you three choices, the magician said.

first, you can be a cup of coffee.

somebody will drink you down and that will be the end of you and the end of all your troubles.

second, you can be a coffee cup.

people will pour endless cups of coffee into you until the end of time.

third, you can be a beautiful young princess.

you will be kidnapped by a handsome knight, who will carry you away to his castle.

he will maintain you in the height of style until the end of time, but you will never be able to escape from the castle.

i do not care for any of those three choices, said the dragon. can you not come up with something better?

i am sorry, my friend, said the magician, but three wishes is the best i can do. it is nature’s law.

i do not care about nature, the dragon replied. come on, see what you can do.

all right, said the magician, but i can not make any promises.

the magician tried and tried, but before he could succeed, the sun burned out, leaving them in darkness and with no more "until the end of time".

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