Thursday, December 31, 2020

poem - creature

by dog e relaford

people look at me pityingly
what is it that they see?
can’t they see i am only me
and can only be what i can be?

just because i have two heads
does not mean my soul is dead
and because my ears are pointed
dies not exclude me from the anointed

just because i have five legs
must i then sit up and beg?
if you could look inside my brain
many things might be explained

every creature is a creature
with their own distinctive features
some are born with second sight
others walk the roads at night

but no matter who you are
in the sky there is a star
and its light shines just for you
some are green and some are blue

some are red and some are white
ain’t no use to fuss and fight
i have lost my train of thought
so come and get it whole it’s hot

1 comment:

nooshin azadi said...

no matter who you are
you are a wonderful friend of mine