Thursday, December 24, 2020

poem for grandma

by horace p sternwall

i wrote this poem
i wrote it just for you
i really wrote it for grandma
so that is not strictly true

once there was a little dog
who lived in a far away continent
he barked like he hated the world
but that is not what he really meant

the little dog had a friend
who took the form of a cat
but life is a dream
so do not make too much of that

the dog and the cat were owned
by a merchant named mr smith
and that is all i know
i hope it is enough to go on with

i could tell you a long story
if you have nothing but time
it may not make much sense
and it may not even rhyme

mr smith had a secret life
in which he was a wizard
but everybody has a secret life
so that is not so surprising, is it?

the dog’s name was doctor doom
and the cat’s name was plain jane
and i forgot to mention the canary
who was isabella, queen of spain

there was a cow named dolores
she was empress of portugal
and a duck named walter worhington
who was everybody’s pal

there was a worm in the back of the garden
named harold trumbull the third
and a sheep named little gus
who was always true to his word

they all had secrets
from the authorities and from each other
and i will finish the story some other time
because that’s all for now, brother

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