Friday, December 25, 2020

poem - the road and the star

by dog e relaford

mary had a little scam
and said, do you know who i am
to pilgrims walking down the road
when it rained, and when it snowed

i am she who knows the score
and what we are all here for
you, on the other hand
do not know where you stand

me and my little lamb bill
have a way and a will
let us take you by the hand
and lead you to the promised land

not to keep you in suspense
we are the spirit of innocence
that you are trying to regain
but can never explain

a pilgrim named big john
recognized mary’s con
but before he could give a shout
the sun went out

but it will come back
don’t know how, so don’t ask
and mary and her little lamb bill
will get by, you know they will

a star hangs in the sky
waiting for the earth to dry
after the endless rain
ready to start again

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