Sunday, December 20, 2020

poem - redeemer

by dog e relaford

don’t think of an ectoplasm
don’t think of a frog
don’t think of a gerbil
or you will fall in a bog with the hogs

don’t play the piano
don’t play the flute
don’t play the violin
because your mother wears army boots

don’t throw a snowball
at the dog of the king of spain
and don’t talk politics
or he will leave you out in the rain

don’t buy a prairie dog
at the pet store at fifth and main
it will turn into a princess
and leave on the next train

don’t tell uncle jonathon
there is a python on his back
don’t tell aunt sally number nine
is coming down the track

if cousin edna ever knew
what really happened that night
she would run away to paris
and develop second sight

don’t tell the governess
her dress is on upside down
she will steal your refrigerator
and you will be the talk of the town

i had so many things to tell you
but my brain has turned to pasta
my fleas ain’t got no circus
and my vista ain’t got no hasta

don’t think of an elephant
he won’t remember your name
don’t ask st peter for a dollar
because to him it is all a game

i have so many memories written down
in my notebook carved from wood
your toaster is in the pawnshop
i would redeem it if i could

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