Sunday, December 12, 2021


by bofa xesjum

you have a kind face
louisa may alcott told vlad the impaler
in a conversation overheard
by joan of arc and sinbad the sailor

joan of arc had a spider
and sinbad had a parrot
the spider was winston churchill
and the parrot was judas iscariot

they were waiting for the captain
chatsworth “chippy” wardington iii
but chippy was running late
because he had been given the word

you have a nice smile
maria theresa told eric the bold
as they played crazy eights
with aristotle down in the hold

where is chippy? where is chippy?
the mutinous crewmen cried
the sun is turning green
and we must sail with the tide

how many centuries must pass
while the masters make up their mind
they tell us to dig for treasure
but there is none to find

look, look upon the horizon
the waves are rising from the sea
they promised us apocalypse
but there is only eternity

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