Sunday, December 26, 2021


by horace p sternwall

they say that some things never change
though the universe gets rearranged
but this will take you back to the time
when a coffee and a donut cost a dime

and men were bruisers and women were trollops
and hard hitting stories packed a wallop
like freight trains racing down the track
to hell - and never looking back!

this is the story of a guy named red
who was determined not to die in bed
or to spend his life behind a counter
saying yes sir and no sir to stuck up rounders

red saved his money a bought a piece
from a guy he thought was solid, named reese
he walked into a bank and said give me some money
outside the day was mild and sunny

the cashier was a girl named emily
a stranger to fame, but quite friendly
she looked at red quite unperturbed
and said, sir, my reverie you have disturbed

i think, she continued, you need a change of venue
i can see that mayhem you do not have in you
please put that silly thing away
and go back outside and enjoy your day

red felt abashed
his dreams were smashed
in his inner being he felt through and through
that what emily said was only too true

the event had destroyed his rhythm
folks were laughing at, and not with him
he was destroyed
and floating in a void

somehow he found himself outside
the world was wide
he had no companion or angel at his side
at least, he thought, i tried

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