Wednesday, December 22, 2021

sad song

by horace p sternwall

under heaven’s canopy
all i wanted was to be me
al and bob and charlie wanted to be free
but all i wanted was to be me

i ran to the mountain and the mountain said
you have too many muscles in your head
most of them you will never use
every game you play you will lose

i thanked the mountain for its advice
i ran to the gypsy and paid her price
she looked intently in her crystal ball
and said, i don’t see anything at all

i ran to the river and jumped right in
because i did not know where to begin
i asked it for a nickel and it threw me a penny
then asked me for change but i had not any

i wish my story were happier
and i could buy champagne diamonds and furs
i wish i could throw my poor dog a bone
and not have to walk these streets alone

i wish just once someone would say
there, stranger, that is the way
i wish that i could go to sleep
and not have to make my midnight creep


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