Friday, December 24, 2021

i am no here

by bofa xesjum

to adumbrate the bathysphere of the continuum
to bobulate the cataracts of delirium
to chastise the dalliance of the empty sky
to defenestrate the empty folderol of the gratuitous

excuse me sir
excuse me
you seem to have dropped your intractable

i beg your pardon
you have interrupted my harmonious juxtapositions

i was only trying to be helpful

really? and you think today, of all days, is the proper time for such hallucinatory and hooliganish shenanigans?

i am sorry
i am no here, i mean i am new here
it will not happen again, i promise

it had better not

and with that parting shot, the orator stomped out of the gazebo
leaving the perpetrator to his questionable ruminations

and his sincerely tractable upheavals

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