Tuesday, December 7, 2021

long ago

by horace p sternwall

genghis khan was a family man
back before the world began
the sun was his apple and the sky was his tree
that is the way it was told to me

adam was just a guy named joe
he picked his apples nice and slow
sometimes cain would help him out
but usually he just laid about

eve would sometimes bake a pie
if an apple caught her eye
but mostly she just hung around
and watched as they fell to the ground

abel was a quiet lad
who always took the good with the bad
and listened with utmost respect
to old man mose's solemn text

the serpent wiggled through the grass
and waited for the days to pass
until the universe would explode
and relieve him of his load

sinbad fished in a shallow stream
and of mighty rivers dreamed
which would carry him away
but that is a tale for another day

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