Thursday, December 23, 2021

freedom song

by genghis gilgamesh

i was riding down the road
in my thunderbird oldsmobile
my baby was rubbing up against me
because her passion for me was real

sheriff john brown was behind me
aiming to give me a hard time
a coyote started across the road
and i stopped on a dime

the coyote was a pal of mine
we went way back
his name was christopher columbus
bur i called him cousin jack

beware, beware, my friend, he cried
as the sun began to set
you think you have left the sheriff behind
but he is not done with you yet

the sheriff he is not alone
but part of an organization
that hides behind every crossing light
at every railroad station

oh when will freedom ring again
and children play in the street
and the revolution triumph
and the bosses taste defeat?

i thanked cousin jack quite kindly
for his sincere exhortation
but i had no plan or blueprint
no address or destination

the road runs on forever
no lawman can catch me
all i want is the wind and the rain
all i want is to be free


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