Friday, December 3, 2021

the mind of mike jones

by nick nelson

mike jones was not a bad guy,

corbin waited for torlington to continue.

torlington sipped his herbal tea and stared into space.

well, what else was he besides not a bad guy? corbin finally asked.

that is hard to say.

you brought me all the way out here just to tell me that mike jones was not a bad guy?

you were expecting something else? torlington replied absently.

i was expecting much more.


because you led me to believe that you had some shocking revelations.

shocking revelations? about mike jones?

is he not the subject of this conversation?

i suppose he is if you want him to be.

look here - why did you call me and ask me to meet you here in this godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere?

i don’t know. i must have had a reason, but i can’t remember what it was.

you were going to tell me something about mike jones.

i will take your word for it.

so what about mike jones?

he is not really a bad guy.

he is accused of murdering five people.

oh, that’s right! it all comes back to me now.

do you have a lot of acquaintances who habitually murder five people ?

i can’t really say. i know a lot of people, i can’t account for everything they do.

but you called me! you must have heard something, or known something, to bother to call me.

about mike jones?

who else?

let me see. who was mike accused of murdering anyway?

five complete strangers at a bus stop.

that doesn’t sound like mike. not the mike jones i knew.

so you can’t tell me anything about why mike jones might have murdered those five compete strangers?

maybe they weren’t such complete strangers as all that. ever think of that?

of course i thought of that!

well then, maybe you should follow up on that, and not go around bothering people.

but you called me! you called me and asked me to meet you here!

you said that already. you don’t have to shout.

so you can’t tell me anything more about mike jones?

hey, you know what you should do?

no, what?

you should talk to mike himself. he probably knows more about what he did than anybody else.

that’s an excellent suggestion. thank you.

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