Tuesday, December 28, 2021

johnny smith

by genghis gilgamesh

johnny smith was a human
and not a dog, a cat, or a cow
he wanted to do so many things
but he just did not know how

johnny was a dreamer
with his feet stuck to the earth
his fellows winked when he walked past
and regarded him with mirth

no one ever told him
where the truth was to be found
he knew the sky was flat
and he was told the earth was round

he read of angels and demons
but was never by one approached
and stories of knights and dragons
those he liked the most

johnny decided to find the truth
he needed to dream a creature
such as had never been dreamed before
not one feature

johnny took a sleeping pill
to sleep a sleep profound
but as he wandered the sleeps of dream
no such creature was to be found

the next night johnny took two pills
one blue and one green
but from that night forward
johnny was never again seen

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