Thursday, December 16, 2021

the march of time

by horace p sternwall

i may be dumb but i can dream
people could be nicer than they seem
especially the ones in penthouses in the sky
who don’t seem to care much for you and i

i used to be younger than now i am
and i fell for all the time honored scams
the old soft shoe and the old army game
but now i don’t know who to blame

old father adam living in a tree
was told by the angels that he could be free
they sold the poor fellow a bill of goods
and he lived on a farm instead of the woods

he got up in the morning to feed the cows
and blinked his eyes and said look at me now
the cow smiled sadly and said don’t forget
that neither of us has seen nothing yet

pharoah looked down from his golden throne
cain with his mark walked the road alone
noah looked up from his watery grave
and the whale bought jonah to be his slave

six thousand years later - time goes by so fast!
in a city of plastic that seems built to last
adam’s children line up jn the dawn
for coffee and egg mcmuffins - but the angels are gone


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