Sunday, December 19, 2021

on a cloudy afternoon

by bofa xesjum

if invited to a fancy dress party, i would go as a pumpkin

you are a pumpkin

if i could travel back in time, i would go to jenny smith’s birthday party

jenny smith hated you

if my mother would only let me marry jeremy i would be happy

she wants to marry jeremy herself

. i secretly want to have a pet frog

you are a frog

i thought i was a pumpkin

everything in the world is really ten things

so then i have eight more to go

go wild

i want to be jeremy

i thought you wanted to marry jeremy

i can be a pumpkin, a frog, jeremy, and jeremy’s wife, and have six things left over

i guess

why are you suddenly so pensive?

it is raining out

oh yes, now i hear the rain on the window and the wind in the trees

make me a cup of tea

should i invite jeremy over?

why not? make him a cup of tea too.

i wonder what kind he likes?


how do you know?

have you not guessed?

guessed what?

i am jeremy


and nine other things besides


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